BPA World Series Rules


BPA rules will govern all play in strict accordance with the BPA Rule Book. NO METAL CLEATS in 12u and under. Rule Book available online at www.PlayBPA.com 

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the Coach/Manager and/or Sponsor for knowing the BPA rules and bylaws. Ignorance of a BPA rule or bylaw does not negate the penalty. Entry into any BPA tournament constitutes acknowledgement and agreement to all rules and bylaws of BPA, including the refund policy. There are NO entry refunds after the entry deadline. The BPA Rule Book contains full refund request policy, available online at www.PlayBPA.com

If the tournament dates include a Week Day, the team understands the Tournament MAY BEGIN DURING THE WEEK, and that THE TEAM MAY BE REQUIRED TO PLAY ON FIRST DAY OF TOURNAMENT. Entry into this tournament constitutes acknowledgement and agreement to these conditions. 

NOTE: ANY Team found with illegal, ineligible, suspended player(s) or teams that have not met the BPA Qualifying procedures will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament. Teams will be removed without refund to their entry fee, and without reimbursement for any travel expenses or any other fees incurred by the team, spectators, or sponsors. The team, coach, and player(s) can be suspended from BPA.

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